Brand BUilding

Need a little refresher

Fetch Wine Co do things a little differently to the rest. Our main focus is your brand and making sure that the values you hold in the brand are being lived out in the market place everyday. 

Branding is no longer just a nice logo and some ad's in the right magazine , it is so much more than that. You can't just sit back and wait for you wine to fall off the shelf and into to peoples basket's whether that's online or in the retail shop front. More is required of brands all of the time  and we work with you on that. Digital content management, online SEO advice and Key partnerships  with the right business will help you come to life . 

Our experience counts !  We have successfully built new brands from the ground up for some of the biggest retail groups in the country. We work closely with he right people to make sure that your brand is in tip top shape all of the time and we are constantly pushing your brand in the right direction. 

Marketing feedback reports are delivered to our principles every quarter so that you can see whats is happening int he market place.